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for fund raising. >> yes, jon romney needs money. it's just a party here, okay. >> jon: they think they're going to win. >> win, lose, who cares. to the last seven years these people have been helping the squarest man on the planet run for president. no drinking, no cursing, no hook ups, no coffee. and tonight they make up for lost time. they are throwing this bash ... yes. [crowd cheering] >> jon: i'm assuming because, i'm assuming because we're live that they dropped the audio out on that. i can assure the audience at home that was all dirty words. apparently you still cannot say on television. >> that's right jon, they're not fudging around. sorry, force of habit. anyway listen, in 15 minutes checked the polling results and it was not. >> jon: i understand. i can't believe mitt romney is allowing a drunk ink headquarters. >> no, he passed out in a pool of his own vomit. i don't know if he will be giving a victory speak or concession speech but he will be doing it with a [bleep] on his forehead. >> jon:n: aú real quick, these are just some senate and house as you remember mccaskill
on the basis he was not romney. and you should vote against romney. >> big money interests have their backs up against the wall in the white house knows it. tonight congressman debbie wasserman schultz on the president's mandate on fairness. >> the election may be over, but the conspiracy theories live on. >> i suspect these tough chicago guys knew about this affair for awhile, and held it in their back pocket until they needed to play their card. >> the latest right wing freakout over general petraeus. >> and if you have better ingredients and better pizza, why not better health care? sam stein on papa john's problem with obama care. >>> good to have you with us. thanks for watching. more bad news for republicans this week. their history of obstruction is coming back to haunt them. president obama made it clear friday he will insist on getting rid of the bush tax cuts for the wealthy in a new economic plan. congressional republicans are playing tough in public instead of tax increases on the rich they are pushing nonspecific tax reform. >> it's clear that there are a lot of special interest l
limbaugh did not need mitt romney to win to have influence, clout, and make money. in fact, he might have more influence, more clout, and make more money if mitt romney loses. and he's feeding talking points for the base. and there is a beautiful built-in excuse for a guy like limbaugh. run an election like there and romney can lose, and it can be that romney isn't conservative enough. or look at one like christine o'donnell in 2010, where they nominated the most conservative candidate and still lost, well, the party establishment abandoned the conservative candidate. either way, you can feed the conserve tiffism, and limbaugh can pit himself against the party establishment, and he doesn't need to tell the base, since he will win an election, and he needs to tell them that they feel good and fighting against the powerful, arrogant establishment. >> david frum, in your e-book, you talk about these members of the conservative entertainment complex, sean hahnity, steve ducey, fox & friends crew, rush limbaugh, how would you expect anything to change in the way that they cheerlead for conserv
and publicly and put a ton of money behind mr. romney. it did not work. their guy did not win. president obama got reelected any way. there presumably is some sort of reckoning from that. if not a reckoning, at least a turn of the page. the white house is signaling that the president wants to enlist business leaders in his effort to end bush tax cuts for those earning more than $250,000. an effort they might get something in return for. the white house characterizing their plans as a deal that would help bring down the deficit, but without destroying the economic recovery and the middle class along with it. should not come as a surprise that president obama is pushing hard on ending the bush tax cuts for income over $250,000. that's probably been the president's most consistent, most repeated promise on policy. here's what he said about the bush tax cuts on high income right as he was agreeing to extend the tax cuts back in 2010. >> i'm as opposed to the high end tax cuts today as i have been for years. in the long run, we simply can't afford them. when they expire in two years, i will fight t
newt gringrich and mitt romney, we shouldn't forget about how much money citizens united allowed outside groups to spend on this campaign and on the republican side how miserably they failed. according to the campaign donor watchdog group sunlight foundation, the karl rove-backed american crossroads super pac had a return of investment of 1.2%. according to sunlight, 1.29% of the money spent had its desired outcome. they spent $104 million, but one won only two of 19 races. now rows crossroads gps had an return of investment of 14.4% and they and the it's sister organization, they only came ahead in seven of 60 races. ouch! that's just really poor investment by all these alleged business experts. we already knew that money can't buy you love, but it's also nice to know that it won't buy you votes. here to joining someone who knows all about donors, wade randlett is a prolific fundraiser for democrats and founder of bay area democrats and part of silicon valley's bipartisan political action committee. great win on behalf of the president. >> i haven't slept since tuesday, but doi
melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. is the gop preparing to cave on tax hikes? mitt romney's former top economic advisor says, hey, guess what, it is time to give in. is this the only way to get a deal on the fiscal cliff? one republican lawmaker is here to react. >>> tesla's car wins car of the year. there is rough road ahead for the electric car industry. i will talk about it with tesla founder and ceo, elon musk. >>> drugs guns and murder. the creator of mcafee anti-virus software is on the run in central america. the plot thickens by the minute. we have all the illicit details. even when they say it's not it is always about money melissa: all right. first let's take a look at the day's market headlines. stocks swayed between positive and negative territory. retailers helped fuel a modest rally early on but fiscal cliff and european debt crisis fears ultimately ate away at the gains. those problems haven't gone away. that is big shocker. dow closed down 58 points. >>> head of microsoft's windows software unit suddenly announced he was leaving the compa
and that romney was a poopy head and you should vote against romney. he won by two points. >> bill: there it is. romney is a poopy head. >> deep, political analysis. >> i wonder if they poll tested that. i wonder how much money rove spent to test that message. >> bill: somehow i missed -- i missed -- was it during one of the debates that obama called him a poopy head? i can see obama say mitt, you're a poopy head. >> mr. poopy head dolls for mitt romney. what a clown. >> bill: it sounds like something my 4-year-old grandson mylo might say. >> grover norquist is a poopy head if anybody is. >> bill: amen to that. i'll say that. we've got a lot coming up this hour. congressman peter welsh from vermont will be joining eric and me at the half hour here to talk about the fiscal cliff negotiations coming up. and in the next hour, very exciting. we've never done this before. we're going to devote the entire hour to one very exciting program that i've been familiar with for quite awhile. very impressed by. the white house
, no, we don't have to spend so much. we can pull back some of that money as things recede. there is a mandate to do that. it's very clear paul ryan and mitt romney, deficit reduction is not their goal. if deficit reduction is your primary goal, you raise some taxes, cut the military and make other cuts. all they want to do is cut programs that affect the quality of life at home. in other words, they are using deficit reduction as a club with which to beat up domestic programs. but you have the big win in the senate. while we gain some seats in the house, if it hadn't been for redistricting, we would have gained more. i don't think we would have quite taken over. i said that but i was wrong. by every measure we won. that's the president who talked about raising tax on the rich, who said we're going to curtail military spending, who said we've got to have some domestic spending for important issues. you know, these people say, oh, well, it was too narrow. george bush won by a popular margin of minus 500,000. in 2000 george bush lost the popular vote. that's with ralph nader
. the fact they were able to destroy in a sense romney's reputation early on that they put that money early on -- that was a great campaign strategy for them and it worked. >> bob cusack, how is the hill looking at the president's win? >> well, i think it's interesting that the president, you know, after he won his first term, he went to republicans when they were getting into a dispute behind closed doors and he said i won. it was a pushback at republicans at the time. you're not seeing that tone now. obviously they've got to strike a deal on the fiscal cliff. and i think that is of note. and republicans have noticed that. and that's why we're actually seeing some unity for now. i don't think there's going to be any kind of deal this week as congress comes back, but as we get into december and the markets get jittery, possibly, you'll see some type of deal on the fiscal cliff. >> do you imagine a deal that doesn't include both sides getting in the way, both have been publicly flogged for not giving over the past few years. >> it's true, i think obama now holds a better poker hand. a much b
in the "financial times" by glen hubbard indicates some movement but the real money is in moving rates not just in capping deductions. >> absolutely. we did carry an interesting piece from glen bub bared, mitt romney's economic adviser in the "financial times" he writes i say the first step is to raise average not marginal tax rates on upper income taxpayers, revenue first from these individuals. so essentially saying, let's talk about the rich. that would seem to open the tore for some kind of discussion the problem is they're still talking about trying to raise money from the rich through closing loopholes rather than actually raising rates. that's going to be a sticking point. >> what about the whole debt ceiling issue? because we're facing that also. not just the expiration of the taxes, expiration of unemployment benefits for 2 million people, the triggering of the alternative minimum tax which affects 26 million households we're told but the debt ceiling another sword hanging over the negotiators. >> the debt ceiling is a sword hanging over negotiators. there are people on both sides of t
to being able to not just capture the white house for mitt romney but win some key senate states and now they're kind of questioning, hey, what you were telling us this stuff, is that because you just wanted our money or because you didn't actually have a grasp of the data and that is the other piece of the platform on which he's built his reputation, this idea that he's a master of the data, that he is on top of the polling and that he is on top of the tactics that are sort of most useful in tipping elections. in this case we have both of those things, legitimate questions being raised about both of those things, and he's going to need to do a good bit of sort of damage control in order to be in this position again. it's interesting though, we see him not retreating at all. in fact, doubling down saying that crossroads and the groups with which he's involved are going to expand their role headed into 2014 and 2016 -- >> good luck with that. rick, on election night itself, mr. rove appeared to be performing the role of king lear. nothing comes of nothing, that way madness lies. but since
donors who expected a vastly different return on their investment in mitt romney and other republicans, colbert offered up a response to his own donors. >> karl is in big trouble. they're going to take his thumbs. and karl is almost all thumb. i took a lot of money for my super pac and my 501 c 4 colbert super pac shh which stands for shh. okay? money from some anonymous scary donors. that's not pixel ated. that's his face. listen, fellows, i didn't waste your money. running a super pac is expensive. i mean, we had legitimate costs. we had handling costs and we had legal fees, and the biggest expense, almost $90,000 of it was for the commercials the super pac ran while he was kind of sort of running for president of south carolina. i want even in charge of the super pac then. >> in his home state of south carolina, of course, colbert was at one point polling ahead of a legitimate candidate, jon huntsman. >>> next, people in the other over 30 states have submitted petitions to the white house asking that their states be allowed to secede from the union on the heels of president obama's
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)